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Infographics in the world history classroom

February 2, 2013


I am so proud to be in the same classroom with the students I work with.  We all took a risk  and did a project that none of us were familiar with.  We created infographics about Economic Systems in World History. At the beginning of the unit we talked about how it would work: We’d […]

Teaching with music

July 17, 2012


When teaching world history I make it a priority to explore the relationship between larger, more powerful countries with smaller, less powerful ones.  Over the past few years I have shown parts of the documentary life and debt. It explores the role the IMF has played in Jamaica’s development (or lack their of).  It’s a […]

Visualizing world history thematically

June 27, 2012


I have been developing a thematic approach to teaching world history over the past 2 years with another teacher and it’s gone pretty darn well.  We’re still developing the units, themes, lesson and projects; but I’m happy with the direction we are going in.  I would like to develop the freshmen students’ sense of time-lapse […]

Notes are created, not given

February 8, 2012


There isn’t anything much more boring than putting a bunch of information on a board and watching students copy it down.  It’s boring to watch and I am sure it’s just as boring and tiresome to do.  I hear, and yeah, I even have said: “Lets take notes”, or “I gave them some notes on _____”. […]

Students locating “places” in the world

June 20, 2011


I really believe that it should be a priority to help students develop a sense of place.  Having a sense of where you are in the world increases confidence and provides additional perspective to make better, more thoughtful decisions.  For high school freshmen, this issue of developing a sense of place is central to their […]