My classroom and school is a sacred, safe place, especially during a caustic election cycle

November 8, 2016


I’ve spent the better part of the past hour and a half writing my around this blog the night before the election… and then revisited this post after a full day at school.  (I think I am out of practice – it’s been well over a year since I’ve wrote on this thing!) A classroom […]

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Hiroo Onoda’s Scrapbook – Practicing POV and Chronolization

April 8, 2015


This week in WHAP students are reading about Nation Building in east Asia and the Pacific rim post WWII.  In addition to the chapter reading, students read about Hiroo Onoda, a Japanese soldier who did not surrender his post in the Philopines during WWII until 29 years after the official end.  The NY times article (found […]

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Harkness Discussion of Just War Theory and the World Wars

March 12, 2015


This past week in AP World History I introduced the concept of Just War Theory to the class as we explored Period 6 of the AP World History Curriculum.  Specifically, themes surrounding WWI and WWII.  Students engaged in a Harkness style discussion applying Just War Theory concepts to WWI and WWII.  To prep, I gave them a […]

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Mapping the Columbian Exchange and Globalization – Mental Maps

December 23, 2014


I’ve found myself using mental maps with students quite more than I have in the past – asking them to visually represent a topic or idea we are working on in class.  There are some great digital tools to do this, however I’ve found that in a school that isn’t 1:1, students do best with making a […]

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When a crises hits a learning community

February 3, 2014


I’m rusty from not writing for a while but I keep coming back to a fundamental question: what is a healthy learning community and how can that be created and sustained?  This question is tricky to begin with and despite the healthiest community, every community often faces something that is potentially scary and difficult:  Crises […]

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What Report Card Conferences Mean to me

December 7, 2013


Thinking back to my high school parent/teacher conferences I was filled with a mixture of dread and excitement as my parents went to school on those nights.  I would worry what my teachers would REALLY say about me to my parents and what they would find in my report cards and letters from teachers.  I […]

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Wrapping my mind around the Socratic Method

September 24, 2013


I’ve always struggled with using (and participating in) the Socratic Method.  It’s alluring because it relies on inquiry and discussion where the people participating must use question and answer to get at ideas and critically examine thoughts.  These are really great skills and tools in any environment.  Inquiry, critical thinking, discussion.  All area aspects to […]

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